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KAM CLASSES 2023-2024

Foundation Classes

Music and Choral

*Required training for all KAM students

KAM’s Choral/Music Classes are designed to provide comprehensive vocal and music training as students receive once-a-week instruction with age-appropriate music and curriculum. 

ALL classes are taught by instructors with university degrees, intensive training and real world experience.  These groups perform in winter, spring, and end-of-year recitals.

Skills learned:

  • Breathing

  • Posture

  • Diction

  • Study of style

  • Genres

  • Vocal Placement

  • Hold harmony parts

  • Basic sight reading

  • Basic Music Theory       

  • Memorization Skills

  • Expressive Singing

  • Work as a Team

  • Dedication & Commitment

  • Performance

  • Confidence

  • Give back to the community

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Production Groups

Performing Training

*Add-on classes for further training in singing, acting, dance and performing.


Classes are offered to help students become well-rounded performers without a huge weekly time commitment.  Once-a-week classes are coordinated in the same building - an efficient use of time for parents who spend their life in the car.

Repertoire for these groups include high-energy, fast-paced songs and dance from Pop to Broadway, Swing to Rock-n-Roll, Disney favorites and more!  Dance technique in jazz, lyrical, ballet, hip-hop; whatever the musical style of the song.

*ALL groups are taught by professionally trained and experienced instructors in vocal, dance, choreography, and theater. These groups perform in fall, winter, and end-of-year productions.

Skills learned:

  • Vocal technique

  • Dance technique

  • Acting and character development

  • Choreography

  • Stage blocking

  • Showmanship                        

  • Dialogue

  • Ensemble and Solo work

  • How to audition

  • Recording

  • Teamwork

  • Commitment to Excellence                 

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