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KAMAD musical theater performing groups are designed to build self-confidence and put students on the path to pursue their goals in musical theater either in school, community, or college productions. Students receive training in acting and character development, choreography, acting of a song, honesty in performance, and teamwork as they tell the story through singing, acting and dance. They also participate in recording sessions, learn to dance while singing, retain choreography, blocking for stage and spatial awareness as well as ensemble and solo work.  They develop skills through dedication, focus, and patience.  Meaningful performance opportunities are provided to help students share their talents, overcome stage fright, fears and insecurities as they inspire audiences and become more complete performers. Caring teachers work to build and instruct students as they discover their potential and gain greater enjoyment in their talents and gifts.




Class Act

5th-9th Grade



3rd-8th Grade


Broadway Kids

1st-4th Grade


Class Schedule/ Tuition

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