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Kids are Music

Children's Choir

Curriculum: Vocal and Choral training in a group setting

Choral groups are the perfect setting for students to learn together as they develop vocal technique, head voice, ear training, breathing, posture, blend, music reading & musicality, harmony parts in the treble voicing – along with performance ability and energy.  Students learn to work as a group and appreciate this art form where voices come together to create the beautiful choral sound. This group requires teacher approval to make sure student can hear pitches and is ready to learn vocal parts. Directors are experienced, professional musicians who make rehearsals a joyful experience for the young singer.  This group performs in three studio concerts each year.

Director: LeAnn Ostler

Assistant Director: Erin Roring  

Class is offered:

Tuesdays: 5:00-6:30pm


Thursdays: 4:00-5:30pm


Tuition: $65 per month

Fees: $28 per month (see details below)

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*Audition Required 

Natalie Wigginton.jpg

Janette Bischoff

Natalie Wigginton

Description of Fees:

REGISTRATION FEE: $35 (charged upon registration & Includes studio tee-shirt)                 

TUITION: $65/month for four 1 ½ hour classes.  (Includes class instruction and weekly training)

FEES: $28/month (Includes expenses associated with the class that KAM needs to be reimbursed for)

          Music Packets  (includes choral music and rehearsal track recording for all songs)   

Concert Fees*  (2 concerts - Winter/Spring/May)

Music Video/Parade  (Includes professional audio recording and filmography)

Spring Concert Prop Fee  

Costumes: We are getting new costumes this year. (It's been several years and it is time) This is not included in the month budgeted fees. Approximate cost: $90.  You will be invoiced for 1/2 the costume in October and the other half in November (to make it easier to budget.) Costumes are used for at least 2 years, which make costumes for this group very affordable. 

Optional Expenses: Group photos, Concert Recordings, and Performance Tours.

*PLEASE NOTE:  The concert fees are estimated fees based on enrollment and dividing these costs between KAMAD families and students. We estimated these fees before our enrollment settled to give our families an idea of costs. With our enrollment being a little lower because of COVID-19, these fees are subject to change.  Please know we will do all we can to keep costs down, but it may need to be adjusted based on the venue expense. If we don’t use the fee amount, it will be credited to your account. Thank you! 

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