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If your child likes to sing, they are on the path to success in life. Children who sing have increased self-confidence as well as greater academic success. Singers learn discipline, teamwork, increased social skills, dedication, patience, volunteerism, and an appreciation of other art forms.

KIDS are MUSIC and DANCE provides vocal and musical training through music classes, choral groups and private voice lessons. Students will receive training in breathing, posture, song style, ear training, body language, and performance skills as they learn and perform different musical styles.  Singers will also learn to to sight read music, hold harmony parts, blend as a group, diction, projection, and musicality.  Teachers take great care to ensure your child experiences the JOY that music can bring to themselves and others.  

Choral Edition

Teenage Choir

9th-12th Grades

Kids are Music

Children's Choir

4th-9th Grades

Melody Makers


1st-4th Grades

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3-5 yrs

Tiny Tones Music

10 yrs +

Private Voice

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