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Musical Theater Prep


7- 10 yrs

KAMAD Production Groups are a “new and improved” part of our curriculum.  Students combine singing, acting, and dancing to create shows filled with energy and sparkle! Using songs, acting, and ensemble work, students learn performing skills and choreography at a more advanced level.  Honesty in acting, improv, conflict, along with mixed voice for stage singing are part of the curriculum. Students learn to work together, retain choreography, clean lines and spatial awareness.  Performers work on vocal projection, as they bring their characters to life. Production Teams promote teamwork, respect, kindness, and discipline as they learn to perform and entertain!  Audition required.

Please note:  PRODUCTION TEAMS are “add-on” classes to student's FOUNDATION CLASSES. In order to be eligible for production classes, students are required to enroll in the Foundations  class/choir for their age-group to receive their  vocal & musical training.


Natalie Wigginton - Vocal & Acting

Shae Whitaker - Dance & Choreography


Tuesdays: 5:15 - 6:30 pm

Tuition*: $120 per session (8 weeks)

Session I:  September - October (Halloween)

Session II: November - December  (Christmas)

Session III: January - February/March 7 (Inspirational)

Session IV: March 14 - May 16 (Spring)

*Discounts offered to students taking multiple sessions. 

 One session: $120

 Two sessions: $115 per session

 Three sessions: $110 per session

 Four sessions: $100 per session

Fees: Music and Costumes (see details below)

REHEARSAL ATTIRE:  *Please come to rehearsals in clothing you can move in. You should also wear dance shoes or shoes that tie, so you can move easily and avoid injury. Please bring music to all rehearsals.

Natalie 2.jpg

Natalie Wigginton
Music Director

Whitaker, Shae3530 BW web.jpg

Shae Whitaker
Dance & Choreography

Description of Fees:            

TUITION: $120 - 8 week session  (Includes class instruction and weekly training)

FEES: Costumes and Music    




Music Packets  (includes music & rehearsal track recordings for each session)

- Performance Recording Sessions 

- Licensing Fee (charged by ASCAP to use their songs in dance performances)

Costumes - We will work to use studio costumes, when possible.  Other costumes will be purchased with class fees. Students will need black jazz shoes. 

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