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SINGING and DANCING PRODUCTION Groups                                               

*Add-on Classes to your FOUNDATION Music and Choral Classes


Students learn performance skills in dancing and singing, recording, self-esteem, individual growth, showmanship, teamwork and commitment to excellence. Repertoire for these groups include high-energy, fast-paced songs and dance from Pop to Broadway, Country to Funk, Swing to Rock-n-Roll, Jazz and more!  Some of your song favorites from Newsies, Wicked, Greatest Showman, Matilda, Big River, Disney Musicals and Movies, Beatles Review, Muppets, and more. Dance technique in jazz, lyrical, ballet, hip-hop; whatever the musical style of the song! Production groups focus on performance and entertainment "SHOW-BIZ" Style!

*ALL groups have professionally trained and experienced vocal and dance instructors in addition to their artistic director. Opportunities to do performance tours are also available.


ENTRY LEVEL: Non-audition

Our Entry Level classes are for singers who are interested in the basics of music and singing and want to add the additional training of dance and performance.  They are taught age appropriate music and dance technique along with their vocal technique with the focus of high energy performance and showmanship.  These students participate in our Halloween, Christmas and Spring Productions.  

This add-on class is 1 hour in addition to your Foundations music class.

*Foundations Music Class:  Tiny Tones or Melody Makers: 45 min

*Singing and Dance Production Group: 1 hour

*Class Times will be on website June 22nd.


Shooting Stars:  4 – 5 yr   

  • Tuesdays:

  • Thursdays:


Show Stoppers:  6 – 9 yr

  • Tuesdays:

  • Thursdays:



This is for the singer with some experience that would like additional training of dance and performance. They are able to sing and dance a minimum of two hours a week. The will perform in  a Halloween, Christmas and Spring Recital. The Singing and Dance Groups require students to take their FOUNDATIONS music/choral class in addition to their singing and performance group.  There are more performance opportunities for this level and the focus is on performance and showmanship. Students with behavioral problems will not be admitted to these groups.


*Foundations Class: Melody Makers OR Kids are Music Children’s Choir

*Singing and Dance Groups:  Pizzazz  OR  Upbeat – 1 hr 15 min.

*Class Times will be on website June 22nd.

Pizzazz: 8 – 11 yr

  • Tuesdays:

  • Thursdays:


Upbeat: 10 – 14 yr                                                                                                                        

  • Tuesdays:

  • Thursdays:

ADVANCED LEVEL:  Audition Groups    (Watch website for audition dates!)


Advanced level is for singers ages 10 – 18 with prior training or experience. These classes are designed for singers who are interested in the time and commitment level of joining a premier performing group. Students participate in the Foundation Music/Choral group for their age and audition for the premier singing and dancing production group at the advanced level.

Advanced level students are able to train a total of three hours a week. The focus for their production groups is performance and entertainment.  The Advanced Level Singing and Dance Groups will participate in Halloween, Christmas and Spring Recitals in addition to more community-based performances throughout the year.  Students with behavioral issues will not be admitted to these groups. These groups are taught by professional vocal and dance instructors, along with an artistic director.


*Foundations Class:  Kids are Music Children’s Choir  OR  Choral Edition

*Singing and Dance Production Groups:  Dream Team  OR  Sensations  - 1 ½ hr

*Class Times will be on website June 22nd.                           


Dream Team: 10 – 15 yr                                                                                                 

*Audition Groups

  - Tuesday:

  - Thursday:


Sensations:  14 – 18 yr

*Audition Group

  - Monday: 6:30 – 8:00 pm


*Please note that the Singing and Dancing Production Groups are scheduled to co-ordinate with student’s Foundations Class/Choir.

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