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Shooting Stars - Pizzazz

3 - 4 years

5 - 6 years

 KAMAD Production Groups are a “new and improved” part of our curriculum. These tiny performers will start their amazing journey into the world of song and dance. The students will learn beginning dance basics as they apply to the music they are learning.  Dance and movement is the focus of this class as they learn music and dance numbers filled with energy and sparkle!  Students will refine their motor skills, body control, beat sensitivity and use their delightful imagination. This group will perform 3 times a year: Halloween, Christmas, and Spring Productions.


Shae Whitaker

Shooting Stars Class is offered:

Thursdays: 4:15 -5:00 pm

Pizzazz Class is offered:

Thursdays: 5:00 - 5:45 pm

PARENT SHARING TIME:  There will be a 10 minute sharing time for parents the last class of each month. You can observe what your child has learned and “see them in action”.

Tuition: $40 per month

Fees: $18 per month (see details below)

Rehearsal Attire: *Students should wear black or pink leotard and black or pink tights.  They can also wear tutu skirts, leggings.  Students should have black dance shoes that slip on.  They can have a strap. We don’t recommend tie shoes for these little ones.


Shae Whitaker

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Description of Fees:    

TUITION: $40/month for four classes.  (Includes class instruction and weekly training)

FEES: $18/month (Includes hard costs for student and studio expenses)           


FEES INCLUDE: (The fees are bundled for the year & charged on a monthly equal payment plan.)



- Rehearsal recordings

- Licensing Fee (charged by ASCAP to use their songs in dance performances)

Concert Fees*  (includes 4 – 6 tickets, venue, tech, and staff for 3 concerts)

- Halloween Production

- Christmas Production 

- Spring Production

Costumes - We will work to use studio costumes, when possible.  Students will need to provide their own dance shoes and tights. Many students already have them.  Halloween costumes will be things students already have or will purchase on their own.

*PLEASE NOTE:  The concert fees are estimated fees based on enrollment and dividing these costs between KAMAD families and students. We estimated these fees before our enrollment settled to give our families an idea of costs. These fees are subject to change.  Please know we will do all we can to keep costs down, but it may need to be adjusted based on the venue expense.  Thank you! 

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