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Why Kids are Music?

One of the things that has set our studio apart from others is the quality of teachers, their experience, the curriculum and professionalism that exists.


We have over 42 years of experience building a program that offers a wholesome and encouraging atmosphere for developing musicians and performers. It is important to us to offer quality in studio instruction and performance venues. We are thrilled to expand our program and are committed to providing and maintaining the excellence we have always provided throughout the years. 

  • University Trained and Experienced Instructors

  • Age and standard appropriate music, curriculum and costumes

  • Great choral literature, exciting shows with new music

  • Professional instruction in a caring atmosphere

  • Convenient Ogden location 

  • Multiple family members in one location

  • Choral Groups

  • Musical Theater Classes

  • Professional Performing Groups

  • Performance Opportunities

  • Classes in Music, Dance and Theater

  • Master Classes and Private Voice Lessons

  • Solo Opportunities

  • Limited Class Sizes

  • Wonderful EXPERIENCES to last a LIFETIME!


“I feel extremely grateful to have been a part of the Kids are Music program for 10 years. I can truthfully say that those were the best years of my life. I love music, and Janette and Mark helped me find a deeper love and appreciation for music. Not only did they provide me with experiences that I will cherish forever, but they taught me to share my love of music with others. Music is something that makes people happy. Which is exactly why I found those 10 years some of the best. I was happy, doing what I loved. Janette and Mark are like second parents to me. They not only taught me the fundamentals and techniques of vocal and musical theory and performance, but they taught me the importance of being honest and a responsible person that people can trust. They taught me the importance of respect, time management, and even having fun and enjoying life's everyday ordinary miracles. Janette and Mark will forever not be just my music directors and teachers, but even greater, my friends."

-Lauren M., Student

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